On this page I will try to note down some of the places where I normally shop online, maybe not that relevant to the rest of the world then again maybe you could pick up on a bargain.

CD/DVD Media
(There is a high tax on these when sold in Denmark, hence shopping abroad is very popular)

http://dk.wesellcd.dk(ok place, not that cheep anymore, very much like www.mediacentralen.dk)
(I have not shopped here yet, but it looks cheap)
(Ok place lots of stuff in their store, expensive freight)
 (ok place, not that cheep anymore though)
http://www.mediebutikken.com (I have not shopped here yet, but it looks cheap)


Centralised Online Archive for Commercials;
Here you will find a gathering of many Danish printed commercials, even made search-able.. Clever..