Windows Server 2008

Just finished installing my first Microsoft Windows 2008 Enterprise server, nice 🙂

Most disturbing is that it will actually go into production right away, we need some of the new group policy management features..  oh well..

Looks quite nice btw.

Windows Live Messenger 9.0 beta

Cant wait!?  Well here it is the latest Messenger in a more or less final beta…

Cool new feature is that you can customize the sound being played at your friends computers when you log on (mp3 etc)..  This, I guess, will also become an annoyance as some people will select some rather annoying sounds 🙂  oh well, life is only as fun as we make it 😉

There is also already a patch to get rid of annoying commercials etc;

Messenger 9 beta can be downloaded from here;

Happy MSN’ing.

DViCO Multimedia Center

Tired of converting all your divx/xvid files to dvd in order to view them?

I found a mediacenter that should be able to deal with this for you, even in HD and with hdmi output..

I still use my good old XBOX 1 chipped to use XBMC, but still at a price of only DKK 1.500,- who knows in the new year 🙂 with a hdd the price is a tad higher (note the later models use sata hdd).

It is possible to also insert a DVB TV tuner card, but I am not quite able to determine exactly which format it uses.

Take a look at;

(the official page)
(Danish review, an older tvix version but still)
There is also another brand called mvix (hmm the name somehow looks similar, maybe a cheap ripoff),  I am not sure its as good (it somehow looks a little low budget) but take a look yourself (the link is to a review in pdf format);

Tvix 4100
Picture of a Tvix 4100
(the box model, it also comes in a different design)

Suspicious files

Have you ever received a file either via mail or on a media that somehow made you suspicious, your antivirus cleared it but still you feel there could be something fishy going on…

Here is a remedy to improve your sense of security, upload the file to

here it will be scanned by numerous antivirus scanners for suspicious code, of cause this is no 100% guarantee, but at least your weakest link is not reduced to your antivirus..  here many antivirus engines need to be wrong at the same time 🙂

East vs West

Winter is apparoching here in Denmark, some would say its already here..

Anyway, I heard a good old tune on the radio one of these mornings – Elton John / Nikita, and came to think…  scary how the world has changed since the eighties…

Here’s a tune about a borderguard in East Germany and how she would never know how life on the other side would be.. but indeed she could have – had she not been fictional…  Makes you think does it not..

Maybe there is still hope we will be rid of terrorism and extremists…  a small shining christmas hope for the future..


SP for Windows XP/VISTA

So you cant wait to try out SP3 for XP or SP1 for Vista!?

Well, there is a way to squeeze your way into the MS-Beta program 🙂

I am still thinking about it, I had some problems with IE7 beta so I am slightly reluctant.  For XP users however it should according to some posts be quite a boost in performance.

Tomorrow is Hitman day

Tomorrow the movie Hitman is shown in Danish cinemas, obviously I have tickets 😉

I loved the earlier versions of the game (the last one did somehow not catch), actually the composer of the music score was a familiar face (Jesper Kyd – he as I was members of The Silents DK (an Amiga demo group – WAY WAY WAY back) so I’m looking forward to seeing if his music made it to the movie too :-)..


If you are “working” with Danish domains you will get a kick out of this..

Here you can see all sorts of neat info about Danish domains AND (this is the cool part) as a cool benifit you can also see what other domains are hosted on the IP address in question..  Quite interesting..

New additions

Bought two new games today, don’t quite know when I’ll have time to play them 😐 but was in the mood for some heavy destruction.

Call of duty 4 & World In Conflict.

Played the demo of the latter yesterday, scary graphics…  think my pc might just be getting out of date, especially my GFX card..  my present card just passes the minimum requirements.

Oh well, its soon Christmas, maybe Santa will be generous 😉

Gallery Mage

We all know the issue, we have a lot of digital pictures and would love to share them with friends and family.  However making the nice menus and uploading is complex, requires different software etc etc.  hence it never gets done..

Not anymore, Gallery Mage is a very simple yet powerful utility to deal with this issue.  It can create thumbnails, html preview and upload the resulting files directly to your website (via ftp) or to a directory which you can burn directly to a cd/dvd or upload to a web-site manually..

It does not get much simpler than this 🙂

Besides being free its even compatible with many open source “online gallery portals” (like coppermine etc) so you can use your existing ‘gallery portal’ if you already use one..