I found one serious shortcoming to GPS navigators, what good is it when you forget the unit in the rental car in France :-)

Standing in the Airport in Copenhagen I got a call from AVIS that they found my GPS unit in my rental car in Basel airport…  How useful is it then ;-)


It’s official folks, the HD format wars is over..

Toshiba has dropped the HD-DVD format.

Pros: Finally we have one standard

Cons: The price war between Sony and Toshiba did a good job of bringing the prices down, then again maybe one standard will call for more hardware suppliers adding BlueRay which again will bring down prices.


Nice, Microsoft is about to get some healthy competition to their Softgrid software virtualization.  VMware just bought Thinstall, for those of you who have no experience with Softgrid / Thininstall the brief description of what is is all about would be something like this;  Software virtualization is more or less the same as VMware Server / Microsoft Virtual Server is to OS virtualization, it allow you to run an application without installing it and without polluting the host os with registry entries and config files stored all over, an other cool thing is it will allow you to eg. install Office 2000, 2003 and 2007 all at the same time.. 

Goto http://www.vmware.com/whatsnew/thinstall.html to watch a demo or try http://www.thinstall.com/.  Thinstall has the upper hand over Microsoft as Thininstall does not require client software to be installed in order to use a virtual application, Thinstall also include the option to create .msi files (just as softgrid).

Visual tour; http://www.thinstall.com/demos/intro_dec11/
Very cool, and pice of pie… thrust me….

We all experience it, at some time or other we forget an important password :-/

Luckily we also have a tendency of being lazy, and if so there is hope :-)  Try visiting http://www.nirsoft.net  here you will find password recovery software for all your needs (still, only works if you at some time have been lazy enough to make the windows remember your password)…  IE Auto-complete, Mail and messenger passwords are only a few of the passwords that this site can assist in the recovery of..  Your product key for windows and office is also no problem, pice of pie ;-)  Also this is a wake up call for all of us, passwords stored by Windows IS NOT SECURE….


If you ever worked with deployment, you know the issue where you need an .MSI file or other driver files but all the vendor is supplying is a SETUP.EXE file.

Well many .EXE files can via some obscure parameters /Extract /B or whatever be extracted, but as all vendors use different utilities to create their .EXE files it can be hard to figure out how to expand them, plus some .EXE files actually can not be extracted (or is not designed to)..  Usually WinRAR is a good bet, it can actually extract many .EXE filetypes..  but not all :-(

Fear no more, Uniextract to the rescue…  maybe it wont extract ALL but atleast it extracted many of the files I had problems with, so big thumbs up from me..  It is quite easy to use, once installed just right click on the .EXE file and select extract to subdirectory..  Easy as pie :-D


Just read about an ingenious new technology “ShotSpotter“, imagine a person firing a handgun and automatically within minutes police arrive without anyone calling them..

How it works? Simple, a number of microphones are placed on top of buildings in larger cities, they detect the special sound pattern of gun shots and by triangulation they can determine the vicinity where the shooting took place..  Clever..

PDF presentation;

For those who can not afford a copy of WinRAR (www.rarlabs.com) to open .rar files a compatible freeware program is available called LZArc (not to be confused with LHarc from the good old Amiga age).

It will not win any awards for its simple but useful layout, but hey you cant get everything for nothing.

Download it from here



Finally someone got around to writing a useful program to assist in file-copying :-)

We all know the feeling, we start a ‘drag-and-drop’ file-copy and somewhere along the line an error occur, bad luck if you are using Windows XP (Vista is just a tad better, but still not perfect) you can start from scratch again because you have no way of determining what actually was copied before it failed..

Well this program claims to take care of this along with numerous other nice features (like pause copy job etc).  I have so far only done a quick test, but it seem promising.

Freeware for personal use and a pro version is availabe for corporate use with additional features.

The program adds itself as right click options.

I just had a Sharepoint 2007 issue, if you use Sharepoint to store your documents and  then change your file view to “Explorer view” you will get a warning each time you try to open/edit a file stating that it may be unsafe.

I seem to have drilled the problem down and found a solution;

1. This step may not be necessary but still it removed the “mixed zone” warning. You need to add “about:blank” as an “intranet trusted site” (add via: internet options – security – local intranet – sites – advanced).

2. You need to allow for “Launching program and files in IFrame.” found under (internet options – security – local intranet – custom level).

Christmas and New Year is over, hope you all had a good time.

I held Christmas at my big-brothers place with his kids, it was quite down to earth and very enjoyable..  I had to move for a friend the next morning so come December 26 I was quite finished and glad I had a few days off :-)

New Years eve was held at this very same friends place, quite relaxed again but that’s the way I prefer it, New Year has never been a personal favorite of mine..

I wish you all a very good new year, I hope it will bring joy and happiness to all our lives.

Happy New Year