SCCM Deployment – updates hang/stall

An odd SCCM bug, some of our DP (Distribution Points) recently stopped working, the Task Sequence would hang during the “Installing Updates” step and would never finish..  Now the updates (files/packages) were all there and refreshing them did nothing to resolve the issue – at the end one of our external consultants pointed me to a hotfix kb2509007 which quickly resolved the issue (thanks to Thomas Marchussen, Edgmo).

Deployment would just get stuck here and never finish.

Odd and annoying problem which caused a lot of wasted time 🙁 – however the patch once applied and replicated worked like a charm.

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Is your Apple device ID UDID among the leaked ID’s

You may have heard about the case where a bunch of UDID’s were leaked on the net, supposedly these was “stolen/hacked” from a FBI agents laptop.

Anyhow, here is how to check if your device was on the list;

Get/find your UDID;

What is a UDID;

Netflix for magazines and games

It is now more than just rumours, Netflix will be setting up shop in Denmark – Lovely, although I do fear that it will be a LIGHT version as the European right holders are notorious for being greedy and thus the titles online will likely be a lot smaller than the US version.

Anyhow, I just realized that there are actually services like Netflix for both Magazines and Games;
Is a gaming portal where you can “stream” your games, the game is actually run on the companies server and thus you only get the video streamed.  You can sign up for a package that will contain a bunch of games, not as attractive as Netflix but still for younger kids maybe still worth while – you can also get a settop box and controller so you can play on your livingroom tv.  Sadly of course its US only 😐  but with a VPN service and a little ingenuity you should be able to bypass this..
Is for Magazines what Netflix is for video, here you can pay a monthly fee and get access to a bunch of magazines. Sadly of course its US only 😐  but with a VPN service and a little ingenuity you should be able to bypass this..

Holographics monitor!? 3D to the extreme…

Some of my friends keep telling me that 3D is only a buzz thing that will go away again, I must say I don’t think so, 3D although not as major a breakthrough as surround sound is fairly neat and once we get to the version without glasses people will be caught on the idea..  Myself, I don’t mind the glasses much, ok I do wear glasses daily and thus it’s same-same to me but the once they use at my local cinema tend to make things slightly darkish (it’s the Dolby once, those reusable once) – now I last year visited an IMAX cinema in China and those glasses were a LOT better though they tended to slip off the nose a bit..  so clearly 3D without glasses would be neat..

But how about this, a holographic display!?  Now THAT sound NEAT like hell…

“Star Wars” projection keyboard – well what else do you call it!?

Do you recall years ago we saw this projection keyboard being showed off, often they were connected to handheld devices without a real keyboard.  They would project a keyboard to a surface (eg. table) and you could they type on it by placing your finger where the corresponding letters were projected!?

Well the idea never really hit the shelf’s from what I could tell, at least I never saw a retail version – that is till now…  ok ok, I admit I did not really look for one so they may have existed for some time, but now I came across one it seemed worth mentioning.

Even Palace Guards can get enough :-)

Normally Palace Guards are quite patient, but enough is enough 🙂

Comodore Amiga is back

It almost makes my eyes wet just a little, it is now again possible to own a Commodore Amiga and a cool one even 😀 it’s specs are quite promising (Core i7 etc.), and if you are mostly nostalgic you can just buy the casing and fit it yourself 🙂

Well ok, trees don’t grow into heaven as we say here in Denmark as it is neither compatible nor driven by the original Kickstart / workbench “os” but still it has it’s own linux distro, and as I understand it you can download and install this free of charge on your own hardware (gotta try that, maybe they put in just a bit of nostalgia).

So for those of you who grew up with a Commodore Amiga here is your chance of revisiting this wonderful machine.

Long live Amiga.. 😉


Comodore OS;

The Commodore AMIGA mini comes with:     

  • A massive 16 Gigs of fast DD3 memory.
  • Integrated nVidia Geforce GT 430 Graphics with 1 Gig of DD3 memory.
  • The ability to drive 3 monitors displays.
  • HDMI, 2-Dual DVI and DisplayPort output. (includes VGA adaptor)
  • 7.1 channel high definition sound.
  • 6 Gb/s SATA for incredibly fast HD reads.
  • 4 USB 3.0 and 4 USB 2.0 ports for exceptional external data access.
  • A slot loading Blu-ray drive that can also write DVDs.
  • 2 WiFi antennae for outstanding signal reception.
  • A 1 Tb Hard Disk to store video and personal data.
  • Optional 300 or 600 Gb SSD drive for lightning quick load times.

Search and you shall find – Windows 7 search improved 10 fold

When I first installed Windows Vista I was annoyed with the changes to the search ability of Windows, this experience did not improve under Windows 7 quite to the opposite actually..  The thing is, if you allow indexing of your drives searching is bearable – however if you like me have several terrabytes of data then Windows will never stop indexing, and the constant ‘ticking’ of the harddrive was driving me insane.

For a long time I decided to just live the very basic search ability in Windows 7/vista, it is quite possible to search for filenames and extentions – however the other day I really needed the ability to search for files containing a special text string – something that is impossible if you have turned indexing off (as far as I have been able to figure out).  So after googling the subject I found several different utilities that could remedy this, however most at a price of around $25, now normally I don’t mind paying for something useful however as I use this quite seldom I decided to keep googling 🙂

And I am pleased to announce that not only did I find something free it is awesome 😀

Your search ends here;

This utility is just brilliant and offers you tons of different search options..

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Curse Microsoft for their stupid changes to the basic Windows Search.

Time registration / Time management / Time tracking with Grindstone

Do you for some reason need to keep track of your time?

Let’s say you work in a helpdesk and need to keep track of what you spend your time on, or perhaps you are an independent consultant and need to register when you use time on clients.  There is a lot of reasons why you may need this.

Anyway here is a very cool free utility to assist you in doing just this, it is very easy and intuitive to use and implement.

Watch and learn 🙂

Software can be downloaded here;


iPhone ringtones, save money by making them yourself

An annoying thing with the iPhone is it’s strange attitude towards message tones and ringtones, it has gotten a LOT better in iOS 5 but still – it’s clear that they want you to buy your ringtones rather than just using your .mp3 like on any other phone..

Well it is easy to get around this 😀 so sit back, watch and learn in 10 min you will know how to save a bunch of money by creating your own ring and sms tones..

There is nothing to it but to do it..