Where 2 buy stuff

On this page I will try to note down some of the places where I normally shop online, maybe not that relevant to the rest of the world then again maybe you could pick up on a bargain.

CD/DVD Media
(There is a high tax on these when sold in Denmark, hence shopping abroad is very popular)

http://dk.wesellcd.dk(ok place, not that cheep anymore, very much like www.mediacentralen.dk)
(I have not shopped here yet, but it looks cheap)
(Ok place lots of stuff in their store, expensive freight)
 (ok place, not that cheep anymore though)
http://www.mediebutikken.com (I have not shopped here yet, but it looks cheap)


Centralised Online Archive for Commercials;
Here you will find a gathering of many Danish printed commercials, even made search-able.. Clever..

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It’s Christmas time, the time for hope and wishes..

Although I am more or less up and running again after the Needhost bankruptcy (just 2 months blogposts lost), there are those less fortunate.

One of my very close friends lost his wife’s blog (not popular), but he pointed me to this blogpost that may be of interest to former Needhost customers;


Let’s hope for a small miracle this Christmas 🙂

Almost back after a major incident.. New Year 2008.

In the Early days of Christmas 2008 my old hosting provider declared bankruptcy and switched off their servers, or rather switched off their servers and then leaked information about their bankruptcy..

So as a man with a FULL backup of his site cough cough, I went to a new provider and reinstalled my backup..  Hmm, but well as you may see I missed a few months of backup :-/  bummer..

But I will try to restore some of the missing posts from memory and from google cache, and well take a new look at my backup routine 😀

Meanwhile, hope you all had a merry Christmas and wish you a blast of a new year 🙂

Happy holidays.

 Ps. Note the irony in that the last post from my backup actually regarded backup..  Someone sure had it in for me 😉

Carol of the Bells – 2008 Holdman Christmas Display from Richard Holdman on Vimeo

Frosty the Snowman 2008 – Holdman Christmas Display from Richard Holdman on Vimeo.

Suggested Links

I have decided to start a dedicated page to various links. Mainly I may keep this online for my own benefit, just to avoid forgetting those interesting links you stumble across over time.

Anyhow, here goes;


Below is a list of some of the blogs I have stumbled across during my surfing.

Michaels Deployment Blog

Blog with tip’s and tricks for deployment MDT/SCCM etc.

Rob Marshall’s blog

Microsoft SCCM guru

Ronni Pedersen’s Blog

Danish SCCM guru from EG

Terry Zink’s Cyber Security Blog

An interesting blog about spam and spammers among other things

News Media and more;

Below are links to different News services I follow.


http://www.comon.dk  – http://m.comon.dk (Mobile version)
A Danish online IT news magazine

Version 2

A Danish online IT news magazine

24 Timer

A free Danish newspaper (available as downloadable PDF also)

Cnet news

http://www.youtube.com/user/CNETTV (Video magazine)
Cnet’s Technology News site

Various Links;

A collection of different interesting links for various things.

4 sysops

A site for system administrators, full of useful utilities, reviews, scripts etc.

Lazy Admin

A site for system administrators


A Danish language forum/site for IT administrators


A site with various IT news, reviews, utilities etc.

Black Viper

A great resource to optimizing your Windows installation, this site will explain what the different services and processes do and what you can do to tweak performance.


A resource for debugging eventid errors in Windows


Need help configuring a router (perhaps setting up port-forwarding etc.), well this is the site to visit.  Lots of information and guides for almost any brand router you can think of.

Photo ressources;

In 2011 I bought myself a DSLR camera and during this process I did a lot of research, I found the links below very helpful


A great and easy to understand site with tons of reviews, tips and tricks and other information


This is a cool YouTube channel for people interested in Cameras.  Lots of reviews, tips and geeky/funny stuff in general.  Even if you are not all that into cameras then this is worth a visit.

Security Links;

A bunch of links to various security related sites and services


Hak5 is mostly a monthly webcast about security and hacking, it is perhaps tending to be a bit on the ‘black hat’ side – but this offers great insight into the ‘enemy’ and is thus very interesting.  It is a geeky show with tons of tips, tricks and reviews.  The quality has lowered slightly after the staff has been reduced, but it is still worth a visit if you are interested in ‘the dark side’ 🙂


Secunia offers among other things a security scanner for your pc that will evaluate the software on your pc (version and vulnerability wise).  Other than that it is one of the more famous security companies so they are likely to have other goodies or news lying around.

Threat Expert

This is a cool service where you can upload software for analysis, you will get a report that show what the software does upon execution (what files are installed, which registry keys are modified etc. and a general thread assessment) – it is very useful if you suspect mischief from some software you download or find installed on your pc.

Virus Total

This is an EXCELLENT site, you upload an executable or other file and it is analyzed with numerous antivirus scanners (20-30 different scanners).  Thus if you are in doubt if a file is infected upload it here and get a ‘second opinion’.  They also offer emailing service (you can email files instead of uploading) and a right-click option for windows (so you can right-click any file and upload it without having to visit a web-site).


Podcasts I listen to;

I recently bought an Ipod Touch 16gb, now this is a cool device it seem really well thought out and the finish just blows you away, the only thing I’m not that impressed with is that I’m forced to use ITunes to manage it, it would have been great with just pure USB access, but other than the ITunes ‘infection’ its really cool.  I added an FM transmitter for car usage, so now I can combine the commuter trip with e-learning (or just plain podcasting).

http://www.twit.tv/sn – Security Now
Security Now is a weekly approx 1 hour security briefing with focus on new technology and current issues in the security world.  This show is fine both for persons with just a basic interest in security as well as the security professional.

http://itradio.com.au/security/ – Risky Business
Risky Business is like Security Now a security podcast, the focus on this show is however more on the commercial/business side.  This podcast is likely more interesting for the IT Security Pro than the home user.

http://www.twit.tv – Various
On Twit you will find numerous interesting shows staring Leo Laporte, along these I’d mention “Windows Weekly” and “Security Now” as definitely worth a listen.  The site’s focus in mainly on end users and not limited to IT news, there is also shows on cooking and parenting.

Quite a few additional Security Podcasts can be found here;


Http://www.sinus-art.com  –  Sinus-Art
I would like to promote a small art gallery in Germany, I have bought a few paintings from this place and they are great.  Paul Sinus can really do something with colors, its really fascinating and at a fair price even.

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About me


Some are confused about the different names for this blog, well there are three url’s for this blog www.kanmandet.dkwww.klogmand.dkwww.readmydamnblog.com – and I can understand the confusion 🙂  Well basically the reason is simply that my taste for domain names has evolved, but as it is no easy task to reconfigure this blogging system then the underlying url is still www.kanmandet.dk – maybe in time this will change 🙂  I DID get around to changing the theme so who knows 😉  but do not despair the content is the same for all url’s.

Who is the man behinde the scene;

Michael Møller

31st August 1969, Samsø Denmark

Where do I live:
Viborg, Denmark
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Current occupation:
IT Operations Specialist in a large Swedish company with factories worldwide (40+ countries).

Technologies I work with:
MS-Server 2003/2008/2008-R2, 2012 2012R2, MS-TMG, MS-Exchange 2010/2007/2003, MS-SQL 2008/2005/2000, MS-Forefront, WebRoot AV, Office365, IBM-TSM, MS-Cluster,/HyperV, Riverbed, Lync/Skype for business.

I used to code a bit in Delphi, but these days it’s mostly VBS and CMD scripts – I have a promise to myself to learn more Powershell but time is scarce so..

Spinning, Swimming and occasional running.


Books (I listen to quite many Audio Books during my 2 hours on the road daily, along with this come a number of podcasts), Movies, Family, IT in general and especially IT Security.

CISSP, CPSA, MCP (WIN NT, 2000, 2003), ITIL

Hello world!

As the titel states, Hello world…  the beginning of a new blog…