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Zero day – the summer vacation book of the year

So if you are looking into what to do during your vacation then here is a tip for you, you should buy and read;  Zero Day by Mark Russinovich

Yes you may recognize the name from Sysinternals 🙂  he’s one of those clever guys from the good old sysinternals days.  I have not read it yet, but as it come with high praises I have ordered my copy – it should be a VERY chilling factual Techno Thriller very well suited for people that like the details to be accurate.

Can be bought via Amazon.

The fine art of Powerpoint’ing

My Blackberry is not working – humor ;-)

Quite fun 😀

DOSbox – the perfect dos emulator

Have you some old MS-Dos program lying around that you for some reason wish you could run, but as you installed Windows 7 64bit this is not possible!?

Well then this is for you, DOSbox is a free dos emulator that does a REALLY good job of executing these old apps.  It will even emulate a SoundBlaster Pro soundcard so you will be able to get sound and all.  So if you have Monkey Island I lying around somewhere now is your chance to get all nostalgic 🙂  Oh yeah, it is as with so many other cool things FREE 😀

Watch how it can even run old DOS demos;

Enlist for the next NASA mission to Mars (Free)

Be the first among your friends to reach Mars, well sort of  🙂

NASA is offering to include your name on a Microchip that will be embedded onto the next rover they send to Mars, thus you will have your name transported onto Mars for eternity and FREE of charge.

Enlist here (free);

You will even get a cool certificate 🙂 se mine here;

iPhone ‘End Call’ sticker – a hilarious solution to the antenna problem

We all heard of the iPhone4’s antenna problem, the problem is a fairly simple one – if you happen to ‘short’ the two antennas (wifi/3g) which are divided by a thin line on the outer casing then reception may drop.  The Apple way to solve this is to ask users not to hold the phone is such a way that they ‘short’ the two antennas (not place a finger on the thin black line on the casing while using the phone), others have come up with ‘simpler’ solutions – eg. place a piece of tape over the thin black line…

But the BEST solution is this, a small sticker to place in the affected area (Hilarious!!!!);

Buy it here;

A not so funny solution is this;

System Administrator Appreciation Day – finally

Now finally someone got around to creating one of those days that was just missing in the calender, we have mothers day – fathers day – valentines day and NOW also System Administrator Appreciation Day – goodie goodie goodie 😀

So put a big red X in your calender for July 30th 2010, and be sure to tell your System Administrator just how much you appreciate him/her..

I need an Iphone 4 – I really do…

ha ha ha, this is so funny…  I still feel the Iphone seem the better choice however this is really hilarious…

War Games – The movie (alternate ending)

For us old farts that recall watching this movie in our childhood, here is a pinch of humor for you 😀

Funny stuff….