Holographics monitor!? 3D to the extreme…

Some of my friends keep telling me that 3D is only a buzz thing that will go away again, I must say I don’t think so, 3D although not as major a breakthrough as surround sound is fairly neat and once we get to the version without glasses people will be caught on the idea..  Myself, I don’t mind the glasses much, ok I do wear glasses daily and thus it’s same-same to me but the once they use at my local cinema tend to make things slightly darkish (it’s the Dolby once, those reusable once) – now I last year visited an IMAX cinema in China and those glasses were a LOT better though they tended to slip off the nose a bit..  so clearly 3D without glasses would be neat..

But how about this, a holographic display!?  Now THAT sound NEAT like hell…

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